Islamic Movement

March 3, 2023
Social Life
March 5, 2023

The history of Islam goes back to the creation of Hazrat Adam. He is said to be the first Prophet of Islam. Though many Prophets since Adam to the last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad came for the reformation of society but with the passage of time their teachings were forgotten. Islam or the message of Mohammad (PBUH) is the magnificent reformary movement of the world.

Maulana M.A.Hai in his book ‘Holy Life of Mohammad’ has explained the whole situation. Some excerpts from his book are re produced below:

Importance of Islamic Movement:

There has been innumerable reformatory and revolutionary movements in the world. But Islamic movement is the most distinguished amongst them, due to its vastness and some other distinctive features. How this movement emerged? How was it presented? What reactions did it evoke? Such questions arise to everyone who is introduced to the movement. Replies to these queries are not so simple. Rather related academic questions lead to understanding a movement that has the capacity to resolve the issues that still confront the humanity. This movement makes one realize the actual meaning of loss and profit and the realities of the eternal life that is the ultimate destination of a man.

The movement gives a complete code of worldly life that adorns not only the eternal life but shapes worldly life in a manner that one gets rid of all the complexities of life that had always bothered the mankind.

This is the distinction of Islamic movement that has drawn the attention of every student with a view to observe and understand the movement and the claim that it makes about itself.

A large number of books has been written and shall continue to be written and with their help a clear introduction of Islamic movement is available. But as the perception of light cannot be separated from the lamp and the feeling of fragrance cannot be separated from the flowers, the understanding of such a magnificent movement cannot go without the prime mover of the movement. As such whenever there is a reference to this movement people demand to know the life and events of Prophet Muhammad. They also demand the meaning and the interpretation of Holy Qur’an, the real source of this movement, which is quite natural.

Distinctive Features of Islamic Movement:

The greatest service to humanity is to instil values and moral training. To eradicate evils and to present before them a complete code of life by following that one could succeed in life in its true sense. Many people have worked for it in their own way. But most of them chose a specific field of reformers for this purpose and dedicated themselves in their chosen area. Some adopted morality and spirituality while others tried to adorn the civilization. Some entered the vast meadows of politics. But those reformers who decided to reform the whole life of the human beings where none other than Prophets of God. n S.A.