Dr.Obaidur Rahman Nadwi

Assistant Editor

The Fragrance of East

Dr.Obaidur Rahman Nadwi is a young Islamic scholar.Dr.Nadwi holds a Ph.D in Arabic from Calcutta University.Prior to this,he memorized the entire Holy Qur'an at Jamia Manbaul Uloom Khanpur,Malda,(West Bengal) and obtained Riwayet- e-Hafs and Qirat-e-Saba Degree from Madrasa Alia Irfania,Lucknow. Thereafter he got Fazilat Degree (Specialization in Arabic Literature) from Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama,Lucknow.Besides,he acquired his Bachelor's Degree in Arabic,Islamic Studies and Political Science from Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi and did his Arabic from University of Lucknow and English from Avadh University.He also cracked NET Examination.

About three dozen books and hundreds of articles are to his credit.Twice he won "The Best Letter Award" from the Pioneer,Delhi.He was awarded"Maulana Azad Sadbhavna Award" for his outstanding contribution in promoting the vision and ideals of Maulana Azad by Maulana Azad Memorial Academy,Lucknow.He was also awarded "Al Hejaz Award"by Malda Al Hejaz Educational and Welfare Society (West Bengal).

Dr.Nadwi also received a certificate by attending a training program on "Diversity and Dialogue" organized by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Markfield Institute for Higher Education (MIHE) in Britain.

Dr.Nadwi parcipited in various national and international seminars.He visited different countries like United Kingdom (U.K.),Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar United Arab Emirates,Singapore and the like.

Presently,Dr.Nadwi is engaged in teaching in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama,Lucknow.He is former Editor of "ICL Newspaper",Lucknow and Assistant Editor of "The Fragrance of East"Nadwatul Ulama.He is also Incharge of the Department of Journalism and Languages in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama,Lucknow,India.

Books written by Dr.Obaidur Rahman Nadwi

1. The Qu'ran: An Everlasting Miracle of Allah
2. Islam, Education and Science
3. The Plain Truth
4. The Splendours of Islam
5. The Illustrious Son of India Abul Kalam Azad
6. Vande Mataram, Surya Namaskar and Muslims
7. The Message of Humanity
8. The Five Pillars of Islam
9. A Guide Book for Duat (Preachers of Islam)
10. Words Knowledge
11. A Simple Words Book with Questions and Answers
12. Our Political Structure
13. Ramadhan: A Month of Piety, Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation
14. Basic Tenets of Islam
5. Hajj: A Fundamental Obligation
16. Azad ABC Nursery (Anglo-Urdu)
17. Azad ABC Primer (Anglo-Urdu)
18. Status of Women in Islam
19. Azad Everyday Conversation Part I (Anglo-Urdu)
20. Azad Everyday Conversation Part II (Anglo-Urdu)
21. Spiritual Purification by Zakat
22. Significance of Social and Ethical Values in the light of Seerah
23. An Epoch Making Scholar (Ali Miyan)
24. Muslims Dilemma
25. Azad English Grammar and Translation
26. Modern Challenges And Islam
27. Maulana S.M. Wazeh Rasheed Nadwi (A Great Islamic Thinker)
28. Azad English Reader Grammar And Composition Book-1
29. Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi And His Movement "The Message of Humanity"
30. Islam- A Universal And Monotheistic Religion
31. Islam And Education
32. For God’s Sake Be Human!